Behold the King

Abhishek Kumar Abhishek Kumar Follow Aug 21, 2019 · 1 min read
Behold the King
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Behold the king,
don’t let him die
Cause I can’t see the queen cry
She would give up, won’t aim so high
Behold the king, don’t let him die

After all, his wife is the love of mine
Her eyes inviting like a glass of wine
But instead of adieus, she prays the king is fine
So behold him my friend, let his armour shine

The sword through his heart, holding him so still
A sight she can’t bear, she never will
My aim never was, neither now is to kill
To have the queen to myself, was my only thrill

Protect your king, let his flag hoist high

I 1ove my queen enough than to make her cry
We can’t undo things, so I’d better not try
Before doomed be her fate, behold the king,
let me die.

Behold the king!

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Abhishek Kumar
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