Beyond Your View

Satyam Shree Satyam Shree Follow Aug 29, 2019 · 1 min read
Beyond Your View
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Glance up at the night sky,
Be it any night, any city,
Town or park,
Don’t you see?
There’s a whole land out there.

A place where stars keep shining
And everything that happens
Is orderly, organized
And professionally assembled.

Look out, and you will see
God’s Creations, if not Himself in them.
This, is where you, we have
Come from since the beginning.

Look up above,
Any night, any time,
You’ll see the world, life
And all it’s secrets.

Like a key necklace,
Looped around Jupiter’s neck
And resting on Neptune,
Shining brighter than the Sun itself.

Once you peer a look at this,
God’s Original world,
You can see all
That your heart and mind desire
And all that your heart and mind need.

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Satyam Shree
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