Conflicts of Life Goals

Shreoshee Mukherjee Shreoshee Mukherjee Follow Aug 29, 2019 · 1 min read
Conflicts of Life Goals
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What do you mean when you say, “I want a stable life”? Is it mental peace? Is it steady wealth? Or what else?

This is the question that keeps haunting me every time I dream of my future. I keep wondering: what should be my life goal? A life that makes me happy and fills every moment with a smile, or a life full of struggle which finally may bear me a fruit that is called “being remembered”.

This is not the first time I am confessing this. I have kept asking different people I meet so that I get a clear cut goal. But no one could satisfy my hunger for the answer.

When this question first came to my mind, I was in class 11th. My father has always been my first guide in every issue. So I asked him about this. This time his answer came but was rather another question in the form of an answer. He said, “Depends on what makes you happier”.

Now, this new question gets added to my search list. “What exactly is happiness?”. From a very tender age, I have been taught that everything in a limit is good but happiness always lied in breaking the rules. But later that often had a really bad aftermath. So then how can you say following happiness brings stability?

After this, my journey changed its topic to where true happiness lies. I started searching my answer everywhere; in books, legends, life stories of saints, their preachings, successful people and even our religious textbooks. Each had different text but the meaning was the same: happiness in giving up and renunciation.

Now I was really interested in knowing how this renunciation gave happiness. It was my 12th… To be continued

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Shreoshee Mukherjee
Written by Shreoshee Mukherjee Follow
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