Giving Up

Abhishek Kumar Abhishek Kumar Follow Aug 21, 2019 · 1 min read
Giving Up
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I lay in my bed
Can’t sleep, too much in my head
Water in my eyes
What a world of lies

Don’t worry I am fine
Just give me another bottle of wine
Not even a single smile
In this rotten life of mine

Should I end it
Where’s the knife
Can’t find it
Wanna end my life

I too wanted to live life fullest
But Tears I shed
I just need a bullet
Through my head

Tomorrow will not be the same
No more of this pain
One should never live in vain’

Found the knife..

Let’s end the game

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Abhishek Kumar
Written by Abhishek Kumar Follow
Exploring darkness to embrace light. Exploring words to embrace life. A growing engineer trying to figure out life through words.