Priyanshu Raj Priyanshu Raj Follow Jul 12, 2021 · 1 min read
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At dusk, with a gloomy face
Awestruck thoughts as I sit ashore
Guilt and pain, tough row to hoe
Strange whisper to curse god, for sure

Clouds that cover the sunshine
Struggling what I can to survive the hell
Full of sorrow with my lonely world
As no one cares , surely can tell

In the midst of dark , I close eyes
Feel the heart whose love is innocent
Reminisce about past , the joy of bloom
Stairs to heaven , for me , to ascend

With deep breath , I stand again
Tear the tears for incredible scope
With warm heart and a little smile
I leave the shore , for a better life , in ‘HOPE’


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Priyanshu Raj
Written by Priyanshu Raj Follow
Intriguing People Intrigues Me😉..Just a normal lad exploring weird things xD