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_This letter is for everyone who may had a bad day, bad week, a bad month, or maybe a whole bad year… I know you had fallen apart and it is only and only horrifying you. That friend who promised never to leave now does not even recognize you. That boy or girl you once loved is now busy seeking attention from someone else. Nowadays you are busy in college functions whereas your mind is still reminding you of the memories of your school farewell. And all you think hoe every damn thing is the same yet so different now. You are just guessing, “how time passes?” and keep wondering “where did the time go?”. Just like the sun used to set and rise, people are coming and going. How everyone is planning about Christmas Eve and 31st night, you are just showing fake excitements as we all are implementing a simple tagline in our life i.e,
‘Fake it till you make it!!!’

Let’s be honest !!!!

Don’t you feel depressed?? Not actually exaggerating that sadness, but just alone and tired. There are certain days when your sadness consumes you and your tears never stop rolling down. How we all are scared of trivial things that destroyed our life and worry about situations before it even happens.

Remember that dialogue from ‘Amerprem- Pushpa I hate tears!

Let’s come out of whatever happened to you and troubling you. Have faith in my words! Have faith on time! If they will come, you will find love and if not you will find life!! Maybe this moment… we will wake up all shiny and worthy. Because trust me, we will be girls who could love this world too which is full of lies. Maybe we will be able to love ourselves the way we are. Maybe we will be able to love ourselves again. So be Happy and enjoy your lives!! ## CHEERS :)

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Kaushiki Krity
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