Shauryam Jain Shauryam Jain Follow Jul 23, 2021 · 1 min read
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O’ waves take me away
To the land of salvation
I stand here by the bay
Waiting with all my patience
You don’t judge, I’ve heard
Taking all boats with you
I’m a lonely one keeping my word
Expecting from only a few

O’ waves you calm minds
Your splashes speaks silence
Is it where the man finds?
The quest for his semblance
The winds overpowering the will
The rocks stern as demur
Tell me do I stand here still?
Or wait for a miracle to occur

O’ waves I’ve travelled this far
All I have is my deeds
Time has left me a scar
See your water recedes!
Are you going to tell me my fate?
Or you’re too stuck in oblivion


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Shauryam Jain
Written by Shauryam Jain Follow
Inking my thoughts from the close encounters of my life.