Shackels of Fear!

Kaushiki Krity Kaushiki Krity Follow May 11, 2020 · 1 min read
Shackels of Fear!
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“No! You cannot give birth to this girl”


When this sound came and struck me in your womb! I got horror-struck, I was frightened and scared.

MA, with a devastating heart I am asking you won’t you give birth to me?

You are praying for a baby boy but what about the girl you are going to give birth, why do you want to kill me!

Oh! My mother,you are not coward,you have to give birth to me.

My life would be all yours and I promise I will never let you down!


No baby!

You don’t know this world. This world is very selfish and cold-hearted.

I know this world, I have lived in it. If I will give birth to you, you will have to go through a lot of pain and perplexity.

Whenever your brothers will go to school and you will be locked in room.

Whenever they will eat delicious food and you will have to survive on leftovers.

No! I won’t be able to see you like this.

No! I won’t be able to bear these felonious things been done to you each and every time.

This world is cruel, I wish I could keep you in there for my whole lifetime.

Again I am saying that I know and I have been through this brutal world’s deed.


I know, MA!

You are scared, you don’t want whatever has happened to you I go through the same , unjust life aa yours.

But trust me, I won’t be a child who will silently bear all the pain.

I won’t be a child who will become a load to you.

I will bring a change in this world.

Let’s start a movement together, let us tell the world and influence others that girls are no less.

Think about all the mothers who have the same fear as you.

I know MA! You are strong and impregnable.

Let’s break the shackles of fear together!!

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Kaushiki Krity
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