She not Sea!

Shivani Sen Shivani Sen Follow Aug 20, 2019 · 1 min read
She not Sea!
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I have/had a problem.
Called it a misfeature.
I guess all humans have faced
In days of their miniature.
Some for few days, few for no days.
And like me
some got no end days.
Stammering, stuttering, sound disorder
used to be called.
But, once you grow up
‘Mispronunciation’ term oust these all.

I asked them once,
“Where is sea”.
They glared, asked if I meant
“Where is she”.
To reciprocate not abnormally,
I asked again.
“Where in shitty”?
They corrected, said
“In city, not shitty”.
I nodded, I had to.
And went on rehearsing those words
like a nursery kid.
They smiled on me, I on myself.

It was once an election season.
I was sitting on sofa,
Indulged in Dinning room conversation.
TV in front bombarded with poll results,
When I asked my cousin
‘If he boted last year’?
Since he has been away
from hometown for years.
He said,
“Didn’t bot, but voted last year”.
Funnier goes there,
Here embarrassment sighed.

When come to nicknames,
My scenario goes different.
My friends say,
I carry their names wrong.
So instead,
they give nicknames to themselves
Which don’t carry letters
which anymore don’t make
them and me feel shy.

Even today, when I go to
Any utensils’ store.
Before asking for a Jug
I mutter inside my mouth
a lot.
Only not to make myself
Appear as Zug.

This post originally appeared on Shivani’s personal blog.

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Shivani Sen
Written by Shivani Sen Follow
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