Wings of Time.

Shubhani Mulay Shubhani Mulay Follow Oct 12, 2019 · 1 min read
Wings of Time.
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    There will be a day
    When the time will make you realise
    Words will fall short
    And the moments will be lost
    That moment won’t have time
    And have no wishes
    Only the realisation that
    You have lost something
    Something that was very precious 
    Something you could have saved forever
    So leave saving money
    And start spending
    Start exploring everything 
    And start searching for new things
    Start laughing loudly 
    And start living lively
    Cause time has wings and 
    It will fly
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Shubhani Mulay
Written by Shubhani Mulay Follow
A budding engineer and a newbie writer!