What exactly is L.E.O?

Shreoshee Mukherjee Shreoshee Mukherjee Follow Sep 02, 2019 · 1 min read
What exactly is L.E.O?
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LEO, “Let’s Express Ourselves”, just as the name suggests, this club is for the people to find their true self and learn to voice their thoughts. We not only improve a person as a speaker but develop the entire personality of the person as a whole.

We have knowledge feeds for members so that they stay updated on the latest news. We also have a “Word of the day” and “Quote of the day” that improves vocabulary and comprehension in the process. Here in the sessions, events like Debate, Group Discussions and Mock Placements help you master professional communication.

As per the records, Leonites have been the first ones to get placed during the recruitment process every year. Apart from this, we also have many fun events like Turn Coat Debate, Aircrash and Mad-Ads which act as a breather from the mundane college routine. We have lots of fun moments in which beautiful memories are made and friendships are cherished.

We have an annual L.E.O trip to take a break and explore many amazing places. LEO has been actively participating in various college fests in and around Bengaluru which take place at the state and national levels. We have also won prizes in many intercollegiate events.

Our main motto has always been “Be brave, Be loud” and we work together to achieve it.

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