Krishna Upadhyay Krishna Upadhyay Follow Jul 11, 2021 · 1 min read
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et the stone,

to create ripple in water.
Why are you justifying?

We are drenching in dark emotions,
deeply and drastically.
Why are we drifting it down.
Here and there it’s mirage everywhere,
sometimes day or sometimes dark night,
and sometime struggling with bad rhymes.
Isn’t there some anomaly ,
Why is it roaring too loud?

My thoughts are shivering.
My motivation moves from fire to cold.
I saw that stone falling down.
Again I fell for the mirage.
Hoping this to be better or a sucessful battle.
It turned out, I am failing down.
Why this mirage keeps me crawling?

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Krishna Upadhyay
Written by Krishna Upadhyay Follow
Loves to express emotions through words as the most powerful ways to express ourselves.