All Endings Were Ephemeral

The evening wind moves like the conductor of an orchestra.The musicians begin softly, shadowing all the paths and fabricating intricate lies and we blindly follow as our curiosity del...

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Morning Star

The morning starMan turned him into SatanSymbolized and personified him as deathAnd called him nothingnessBut its beauty remains unspottedHe shines forever, even though called devil

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Let the stone,to create ripple in water.Why are you justifying?We are drenching in dark emotions,deeply and drastically.Why are we drifting it down.Here and there it’s mirage everywh...

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Parallel Lines

intersecting highways under the city lightstelling us that we’re black and whitetake this road with the essence of the nightall our paths crossed but we were parallel lines

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Trail Blazers

Birds, thoughts are mere birdsFlying fervently, striking recklesslyBirds going crazy, screaming and screechingTo break this cage, this cage of captivity

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Memories haunt...

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Poem's Eye

Ever thought what a poem thinks of u?

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Wings of Time.

There will be a day When the time will make you realise Words will fall short And the moments will be lost That moment won’t have time And have no wishes Only the realisat...

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Hey! , Let's get back together.

Ever missed the loved ones? You are not the only one 😂

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Poem Recommendation!

Poems are a way to express you. In very few short and simple words you can express what you feel. A poem is actually a piece of writing arranged in short lines. It is a way to express...

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Like a book,I have a beginning, I have an endWhatever the story is, whatever is meYou won't really know

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All these Questions

what lies in the halls of the imaginationAnd lingers in the depths of the soul?What if thoughts could foster a nation

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Beyond Your View

Glance up at the night sky. Be it any night, any city, town or park. Don't you see? There's a whole land out there. A place where stars keep shining and everything that happens is ord...

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Giving Up

When life hits you hard. I lay in my bed. Can't sleep, too much in my head. Water in my eyes. What a world of lies. Don't worry I am fine. Just give me another bottle of wine.

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Behold the King

For the love of the queen. Behold the king, don't let him die. Cause I can't see the queen cry. She would give up, won't aim so high. Behold the king, don't let him die.

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She not Sea!

I have/had a problem. Called it a misfeature. I guess all humans have faced. In days of their miniature. Some for few days, few for no days. And like me, some got no end days.

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She's Free

She's a wild flower, they said, as free as the wind. She dances to the rhythm of the rain, and to the mountains, she sings. Little do they realize, she dances to fly away.

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She is my best advisor and my greatest critic. I have some of my best conversations with her, on my way to work, or while sipping chai on a dull evening. She is my teacher and guide.

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Villages - The Soul of India

Just close your eyes for a moment. Even if you have not spent time in a village just imagine about it for asecond. What do you see?

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The City of Joy

After a busy semester, it was once again time to go home to my city, Kolkata. After a two hour long flight, I could finally see the city glittering at night.

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Freshers Welcome 2019

Thus marking another successful start for the next year of LEO. The LEO Freshers Orientation was scheduled on the 22nd of august in the CSE Seminar Hall of the Main Block.

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Syllabus Completed, Memories Created

2013-2014, class 10, roll number - I don’t remember, well that kind of rhymed. Initially, class ten was a little annoying as we had to attend classes during summer.

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Conflicts of Life Goals

What do you mean when you say, "I want a stable life"? Is it mental peace? Is it steady wealth? Or what else? This is the question that keeps haunting me every time I dream of my future.

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What exactly is L.E.O?

Let's Express Ourselves (LEO) is the official literature and interpersonal skills development club of Sir M. Visvesraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

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7 books to kickstart with your reading journey.

_Want to get started with reading books? Or are you looking for something that inspires you, amazes you, makes you happy or makes you cry? Something that will take you to the anothe...

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Shackels of Fear!

“No! You cannot give birth to this girl”

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_This letter is for everyone who may had a bad day, bad week, a bad month, or maybe a whole bad year… I know you had fallen apart and it is only and only horrifying you. That frien...

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Social Media Complex

_ “Adarsh! My crush just liked my latest pic!”My friend yelled suddenly. It was a Saturday night, I agreed to go on a walk along with him and my friend was fidgeting with his phone. W...

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