Villages - The Soul of India

Pratyush Kumar Shekhar Pratyush Kumar Shekhar Follow Mar 25, 2020 · 2 mins read
Villages - The Soul of India
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Just close your eyes for a moment. Even if you have not spent time in a village just imagine about it for a second. What do you see?

When I close my eyes I see beautiful scenes of nature, fields all around, faces of common people, who might have not earned a penny, but are still satisfied by their hardwork while wearing a smile on their face, children playing with cattles, happiness and enjoyment when there is a festival, that unity and solidarity when someone in the village is ill, that gathering of people on ocassions of sorrow as well as happiness, the smell of rain and the mud.

Now, come back and compare your lifestyle to those people. I can say that your “Ferrari” may not be compared to their “bullock-cart”. Your “iPhone” can’t be compared with their “Gilli-Danda” and “Kabbadi”. Our high rated lifestyle in which there is technology and machines can’t be compared to their lifestyle, that holds traditions and values. I am not criticising the urban lifestyle to that of rural but this blog is an eye-opener to them that what they have left behind in the lust of becoming “modern”. Now let’s talk something about “Traditions, Cultures and values”. To guide you and teach you about the “Fundamental subject:-LIFE” there used to be people all around. The basic lessons that I learned there i can never forget my whole life. Common human values like humanity, bonds between animals and humans, etc are taught with live demonstrations. There you are made to follow your cultures and traditions. You are made to learn the holy, spirutual books. I am not telling these things can’t happen in Urban areas but the factor that is missed in urban areas are basically the quality time, the experienced knowledge and the true- core people.

In cities and towns you may be surrounded by thousands of people but you also don’t know who is your neighbour. You don’t try to take sometime from your so called busy schedule and spend quality time with them. And what happens at the end you die and no one to care and cry for you.To kill time sometimes people prefer playing games, going for movie and shopping but they don’t dare to spend time with neighbours, which is seen in villages. I have seen people sitting everyday at a common place and discussing their problems, trying to find solutions in villages.

Our Father of the Nation “MAHATMA GANDHI” once told that the real India lives in the villages. It has a very deep meaning behind. All the great personalities not only in India but around the world have spend a good amount of time in villages and countrysides.I personally beleive that these are the places where the development of character of a great human being can be done.

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