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Behold the King

For the love of the queen. Behold the king, don't let him die. Cause I can't see the queen cry. She would give up, won't aim so high. Behold the king, don't let him die.

In poetry, Aug 21, 2019


She is my best advisor and my greatest critic. I have some of my best conversations with her, on my way to work, or while sipping chai on a dull evening. She is my teacher and guide.

In blog, Aug 20, 2019

She not Sea!

I have/had a problem. Called it a misfeature. I guess all humans have faced. In days of their miniature. Some for few days, few for no days. And like me, some got no end days.

In poetry, Aug 20, 2019

She's Free

She's a wild flower, they said, as free as the wind. She dances to the rhythm of the rain, and to the mountains, she sings. Little do they realize, she dances to fly away.

In poetry, Aug 20, 2019