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Memories haunt...

In poetry, Apr 07, 2020

Villages - The Soul of India

Just close your eyes for a moment. Even if you have not spent time in a village just imagine about it for asecond. What do you see?

In travel, Mar 25, 2020

Poem's Eye

Ever thought what a poem thinks of u?

In poetry, Oct 14, 2019

Wings of Time.

There will be a day When the time will make you realise Words will fall short And the moments will be lost That moment won’t have time And have no wishes Only the realisat...

In poetry, Oct 12, 2019


_This letter is for everyone who may had a bad day, bad week, a bad month, or maybe a whole bad year… I know you had fallen apart and it is only and only horrifying you. That frien...

In positivity, Oct 12, 2019

The Perfect 10 - My Journey With Mental Health.

10/10 Happens to be today’s date,also my birthday,which officially makes me the perfect one!

In awareness, journey, mental health, Oct 10, 2019

Hey! , Let's get back together.

Ever missed the loved ones? You are not the only one 😂

In poetry, Oct 08, 2019

Poem Recommendation!

Poems are a way to express you. In very few short and simple words you can express what you feel. A poem is actually a piece of writing arranged in short lines. It is a way to express...

In poetry, Oct 08, 2019


Like a book,I have a beginning, I have an endWhatever the story is, whatever is meYou won't really know

In poetry, Oct 07, 2019

All these Questions

what lies in the halls of the imaginationAnd lingers in the depths of the soul?What if thoughts could foster a nation

In poetry, Oct 06, 2019