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Trust me, honey, you're worth it.

I am perplexed.

In positivity, Sep 24, 2019

What exactly is L.E.O?

Let's Express Ourselves (LEO) is the official literature and interpersonal skills development club of Sir M. Visvesraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

In leo, Sep 02, 2019

Conflicts of Life Goals

What do you mean when you say, "I want a stable life"? Is it mental peace? Is it steady wealth? Or what else? This is the question that keeps haunting me every time I dream of my future.

In careers, Aug 29, 2019

Beyond Your View

Glance up at the night sky. Be it any night, any city, town or park. Don't you see? There's a whole land out there. A place where stars keep shining and everything that happens is ord...

In poetry, Aug 29, 2019

Syllabus Completed, Memories Created

2013-2014, class 10, roll number - I don’t remember, well that kind of rhymed. Initially, class ten was a little annoying as we had to attend classes during summer.

In school, Aug 23, 2019

Before and After

My life can be divided into two parts, pre-LEO and post-LEO, and yeah, I bet those two selves are pretty different from each other.

In leo, Aug 23, 2019

Freshers Welcome 2019

Thus marking another successful start for the next year of LEO. The LEO Freshers Orientation was scheduled on the 22nd of august in the CSE Seminar Hall of the Main Block.

In campus, Aug 22, 2019

The City of Joy

After a busy semester, it was once again time to go home to my city, Kolkata. After a two hour long flight, I could finally see the city glittering at night.

In travel, Aug 22, 2019

Giving Up

When life hits you hard. I lay in my bed. Can't sleep, too much in my head. Water in my eyes. What a world of lies. Don't worry I am fine. Just give me another bottle of wine.

In poetry, Aug 21, 2019

Behold the King

For the love of the queen. Behold the king, don't let him die. Cause I can't see the queen cry. She would give up, won't aim so high. Behold the king, don't let him die.

In poetry, Aug 21, 2019